A Family-owned and local business serving the Wilmington area since 1918

My Great Grandfather Captain Bob Roberts actually began working from his home in early 1916, which was located at 15th and Orange. In 1918, Captain Bob moved across the street from where we are today. He began in a small shop at the corner of 13th and Castle. Business was good, so in the year of 1940 he commissioned a much larger shop be built. It was across the street at 519 South 13th street. My Grandfather Horace Roberts was to take over at it’s completion so Captain Bob could retire.

Unfortunately, World War II broke out. Granddad went to war to serve, so Captain Bob’s retirement was delayed. He continued to work through the war until Horace returned. He did return and took over in the mid 40’s. Granddad worked along for the next 20+ years, and business was good.

My dad, Bobby Roberts after having worked at the shop off and on around school schedules formed a partnership with Granddad the 1st of June 1970. I was to arrive on the 12th. In 1972 Dad purchased the business from Horace. Granddad retired, I think planning on catching every trout there was at Topsail Island and Melbourne Beach.

I can still remember the old shop, the one at 519 S. 13th. I would go to work with Dad some when I was a kid. My first recollections of glass work, was mostly being told to stay out of the way and try not to cut yourself. The first car windshield I remember helping with was on a Bug, I think a FCW 172, maybe a 173. Putting the rope in the gasket, maybe helping to set it in and hold a little pressure.

Our newest shop was built in 1989, around the corner from the last one, and we have been here since, at 1305 Castle Street.

A family legacy of auto glass repair

When I turned 16, which coincided with summer break, dad told me to get a job, could be any job, but a job. I chose to work at the shop that summer, and began working there off and on as school would allow for the next 7 years. In February of 1993, I came home from graduate school and went to work full time. I took over in the summer of 2003. Dad retired, I think planning on catching as many big drum as possible from here to Hatteras.

Which brings us to now, this summer, the summer of 2013, which will mark my 10 year anniversary as the owner of Roberts Auto Glass. I look forward to continuing the work my family has done for so long, the highest quality work at fair price. Thanks Wilmington!!